Getting Away With Card Counting

It is a common fact that casinos fear blackjack card counters and often request them to leave, or play other games.

The majority of casinos adopt severe rules that prohibit any player from card counting when playing blackjack, but a few do not mind blackjack card counters.

While a particular casino may not pay attention to card counters, you must act as if the casino does, in order to protect yourself from the awkward feeling of being rushed out if they catch you in the act.

Remember that, because card counters work silently, the only way to catch you is to closely monitor you, and the way you play. So try to do the following: 1) Do not glance at the cards of your opponent. Stare once, count, and then proceed. 2) Do not look at the discarded cards. Glance quickly and then slowly take your eyes off the cards by switching your look from one player to another. 3) Change your betting structure from time to time. 4) Modify your bet every round 5) While you are aware of it, intentionally lose one or a couple of rounds. Do not place huge bets on such rounds, however avoid betting small likewise. If the casino realizes that you always win big and lose small, they might suspect you are up to something. 6) Purchase multi-colored chips and then combine them when playing in order to cause confusion to the dealer. 7) Chat with your opponents during the game; this is a tough task, so practice at home before attempting it in a casino. 8) Carefully select your seat: choose the first or third chair so that there is no need to rotate your head as the cards are being dealt. 9) Wear casual dress since elegant dressers can make the dealer assume that you are smart and observe you more closely. 10) Buy some alcoholic beverage and pretend to drink it since dealers are aware of non-drinkers who are calm.

One thing that is common in all of these is that you must always remember that the casino is keeping an eye on you and your style of play.

Keep your cool if you are caught card counting, and adhere to their request soberly. Do not complain. If they request you to leave, then leave. The quicker you go, the more convenient it will be to come back later on. Bear in mind that complaining gives them a reason to remember you, so avoid making any unfriendly attitude. Keep in mind that after the shifting of personnel, the new personnel will not recognize you, so just wait for that moment, and resume playing. Or you could just look for other casinos, rather than take the risk of casino personnel identifying you.

Following these steps can help you count cards without being caught.