Understanding the Roulette Superbets System

A lot of roulette systems have been devised through the years, the majority of them ineffective. A classic example is the Martingale system where the player is expected to still double up on losing bets. This system is effective if the player has a huge amount of initial investment and the game of roulette does not require a maximum bet. Money will be lost if you reach the maximum bet limit or you are running out of bankroll.

The 'Superbets' roulette system is dependent on two factors.

1. The appearance of online casinos, wherein no personnel will catch you playing and send you out.

2. The truth that regular roulette tables have built-in flaws that can be easily exploited.

Aside from 0 and 00, every roulette number can be either red or black, if you bet on any, you receive equal payout. The house advantage is the green zero or double zero. However, the table is divided into three columns consisting of twelve numbers.

The initial column has equal red and black numbers, the second column contains 4 red and 8 black and the third consists of 4 of the black and 8 of the red.

If we disregard the zeros, then black and red will have an even odd of getting hit. Similar to a coin toss, where there is an equal chance of a head or a tail showing up.

In the 'Superbets' (TM) system, your aim is to select a red or black. If you bet on a red, you bet a certain amount on the color and a similar amount on the second column. If you choose black, place a certain amount on black and a similar amount on the third column.

Depending on the color that you pick, you now have twenty six alternatives from a possible thirty eight for only twice your bet. If the color you selected is hit, you receive equal money. If only your column choice wins, you earn half of your bet. If both your selected color and column is hit, your payout is one and a half times your original bet.

Of course, in an actual casino, the pit personnel will detect you immediately and send you out. But online, you can bet as much as you want.

In summary, you make even bets on either red and column two or black and the third column. As usual, you need to have a fixed budget that you won't exceed.