Tips in Winning Slot Machine Jackpots

Slot machines now include "random number generator" (RNG) microcomputers that consistently draw out numbers. These numbers are associated with locations on every reel in the machine. When the lever is pulled (or when the button is pushed) there is nothing that really starts except the reels spinning, which is just for display. It simply instructs the machine to show the reel locations associated with the previous set of random numbers that were drawn.

Below are some helpful tips in playing slot machines:

1. Choose the machines that offer the best payout. Find the machines that pay between 95 to 99 percent.

2. Choose non-progressive slots. Random number generators are designed to create a greater number of reels and symbols on progressive slots.

3. Bribe a casino employee - Find out from a slot employee which machines have been providing the best odds. Give them a cut from your income for helping you out.

4. Physical placement - When choosing a machine, the positioning is a consideration. The physical location of the machine can indicate the tightness or looseness of the machine. Loose slots are situated close to the change stations, on raised carousels, close to the coffee shop or snack bar. You must keep away from tight slots. They are generally positioned near the entry to the casino, racing areas, or adjacent to ticket and show booths.

5. Avoid the multiple-pay line machines. While it appears that one can improve their chances with multiple pay line slot machines, the odds against you are greatly enhanced.

6. Always use your slot card. Always remember to slide your card in the slot reader, prior to the start of the game, and remember to remove it before you go.

7. Use coins instead of bills. If you wish to maximize your game for money, use coins in playing instead of bills. But, ensure that the payout ratio is worthy of your time.

8. Know when to stop. Discipline is important in gambling, regardless of the type of casino game being played. It's very tempting to continue playing because of the belief that you are close to winning; however, that can be risky. Keep twenty-five to seventy-five percent, and add the remaining to your bankroll for more games, or pocket it all.

9. Play the machine beside you if the machine you are using is not paying off. According to industry insiders, the casinos rarely position a couple of loose machines side by side. If you are in doubt of whether you are playing a loose machine, it may be worth trying out the machines on either of your sides.

10. As opposed to the popular notion, the casinos do not conceal, or transfer, their best machines, just because people search for, and play them. The casinos desire for such machines to be played. When slot machine players recognize and hear someone winning the jackpot, it encourages them to play more. The winning spirit is contagious, and casinos are well aware of that.