All About Sit N' Go Poker Tournaments

Poker tournaments have become popular among players looking for the challenge of competing against the best, and winning fabulous prizes. One of the most common online poker tournaments is the Sit N' Go tournament, or SNG, for short.

A Sit N' Go tournament is a kind of mini-tournament. Unlike traditional tournaments that can last for several days, a Sit N' Go tournament lasts for only a few hours. SNGs offer a lot of excitement and fast-paced action; you will never get bored playing poker in this kind of tournament.

Normally, a Sit N' Go tournament consists of one poker table, and the participants pay a buy-in fee that goes to the prize pool. The top three finishers usually receive the prizes, although the number of winners can vary with each online poker room. Of course, the grand winner receives the biggest prize amount.

When you enter an online poker room, you will encounter numerous Sit N' Go tournaments going on. You can choose the affordable low-limit tournaments, or you can aim for big money at the high-stakes, no-limit tables.

As a beginner to Sit N' Go tournaments you should settle for low-limit tables first, of which the $5+$1 SNGs are the most common. Although the prizes in this tournament are quite modest, due to the low buy-in fee, it's still a great way to familiarize yourself with tournament play.

For the $5+$1 SNG tournament, the buy-in, or entry fee, is $6, of which $5 goes to the prize pool, and the remaining $1 is the rake, or the poker room fee. Since there are usually 10 players in a Sit N' Go tournament, the total prize pool would be $50. The prize pool is broken down to $25 for the winner, $15 for the second placer and $10 for the third placer. These breakdowns depend on the rules of the online poker room.

SNG players are usually divided into two types: the all-in player, and the tight player. The all-in player loves to go all-in during no-limit games. This type of player seems to be in a hurry to accumulate as many chips as possible.

The tight player, on the other hand, adopts a "wait and see" attitude to poker. This player plays conservatively, waiting for the other players to get knocked out of the tournament before he aims for the pot. His opponents will continue to gain and accumulate chips while he just sits around patiently. Poker tournaments are all about winning chips.

To succeed in Sit N' Go tournaments, you should use a tournament-based strategy. Tournament poker is different from normal poker games, and you should use a different strategy.

Sit N' Go tournaments are great for the poker player who wants to gain more experience playing at tournament level. You, too, should play in SNGs as a preparation for bigger battles ahead, and, hopefully, for the prestigious poker tournaments such as the World Series of Poker.