Men 'The Master' Nguyen: An Inspiration to All

Men Nguyen has established his title as the Master not only at the tables but even outside the tournaments as well. He is an influential pro player in the circuit and he is also one of the greatest. His pleasant personality, optimism and openness made him stand out above the rest of the pros in the business. One of his poker students started calling him the Master because of his patience and willingness to impart his knowledge, which then made this title quite appropriate for him.

Nguyen has been playing poker for more than seventeen years. He has won in more than seventy-five tournaments as well. He has six World Series of Poker bracelets even though he has not won any main event, and he has earned more than $ 4.1 million through his tournament winnings. Nguyen has always been very generous especially to his fellow Vietnamese. He even said that if he wins in a million-dollar tourney, he might build another school or more houses for the homeless folks in his home country. Previously, he has donated money to Vietnam in order to build a kindergarten school, and he also regularly sends cash to the children. Nguyen is known for having a cheerful and happy disposition.

However, life wasn't that easy on him while he was growing up in Vietnam. He was born and raised during the time of anti-communism in Vietnam. At age thirteen, he quit school in order to help support his family by driving buses. During the early parts of 1978, he and 87 of his fellow Vietnamese boarded a boat headed for Pulau Besar in Malaysia in pursuit of going out of Vietnam. Later on the same year, he received political refuge from the United States.

Nguyen worked as a machinist while learning English and adjusting to his newfound home. He went to Las Vegas in 1984 and played 7-stud poker for the first time. He lost big-time, which earned him the nickname Money Machine. Eventually he learned the game and began exhibiting his winning streak. After a year of his citizenship in 1987, Nguyen won his very first poker tournament. He quit his job and continued on playing poker as a career.

The Master's winning streak has earned him a list of World Series of Poker participations at the final tables. Nguyen was named Player of the Year in 1997; in 2002 he ranked fifth on Card Player Magazine's list of the World's Most Successful Poker Players and in 2001 he ranked first on the list.

The Master resides in Bell Gardens, California with his family. To this day, Men "the Master" Nguyen continues to teach and inspire newcomers in becoming pro poker circuit's greatest players.