Jennifer Harman: not your average lady

Jennifer Harman is one formidable pro in the poker circuit. It proves that it doesn't take a man to gain a spot and become one of the best poker players in the industry. Even Harman's close friend, Daniel Negreanu, agrees that she's more than just the best female poker player in the world. For Negreanu, Harman is the best all-around player in the world. Harman won her first bracelet at the 2000 World Series of Poker's Deuce-to-seven No-limit Event and her second bracelet at the 2002 $ 5000 Limit Hold'em event. She is the only woman to earn two World Series of Poker bracelets in open events.

Harman, like most pros, is known to play at cash games. She also participated several times at the World Poker Tour. She is also a frequent player at the Bellagio Casino in Vegas, especially when she's not busy with tournament games. She took the fourth spot at the World Poker Tour's Five-diamond World Poker Classic; fifth place at the Professional Poker Tour inaugural event; and second place in Rio's Circuit Championship of the World Series of Poker. As of 2005, Jennifer Harman's tournament earnings are over $ 1.4 million.

Harman's path to success was challenging and filled with life's trials, which makes her quite admirable by her colleagues. Since her childhood, Harman had health issues and she has twice undergone kidney transplants. Harman is a native of Reno, Nevada and her love for poker started when she was only eight years old. Her father played poker and have hosted poker games in their home. Whenever he was losing, he would call on Jennifer to help him get even. She had odd jobs, usually worked as a cocktail waitress. Harman was 21 when she decided to play poker seriously as a career.

She started playing small-time, first with $ 10 to $ 20 then later moved up to $ 20 to $ 40 and then $ 30 to $ 60. Harman was careful with her spending so she played at $ 20 to $ 40 games for around seven years. As she continues, her games increased to $ 75 to $ 150 where she concentrated for eight years, then eventually played games with $ 200 to $ 400. Harman's strategy in maintaining a steady bankroll was to play bigger games, and when she lost she goes back to lower limit games. She has maintained, saved and invested her poker earnings through the years of her participation in both small-time and huge poker tourneys.

As a professional, Harman has been playing for more than ten years. Her husband, Marco Traniello is a stylist and plays poker with her sometimes. Harman says that being a woman at the tables, playing alongside men gives her more advantage since they think that she's not a big threat. Well, they were wrong.