Humberto Brenes: the charming Latino pro

Known as the "Godfather of the Costa Rican Players", Humberto Brenes is one Latino pro who is well-known and admired by many. He is also a member of the Costa Rican Connection together with brothers Erick and Alex and his friend Jose Rosenkrantz. Brenes is one of the most popular pros in the poker circuit. The audience simply enjoys watching him because of his Latin appeal.

Humberto Brenes is well-loved by his fans due to his admirable personality: charming, friendly, sociable and cheerful. His usual tournament wardrobe is made up of his trademark bright suits, a visor and two pairs of spectacles. He has accumulated two bracelets from winning at the World Series of Poker and more than $ 2.5 million in tournaments winnings.

Aside from his usual flamboyant wardrobe, Brenes also often wears a headset. He believes that listening to music relaxes and controls his whimsical side to gamble. He also believes that relaxing and maintaining a calm attitude helps especially for a poker player like him. When luck seems to shy away from him, especially during a tournament, he sings some verses to calm his nerves. Brenes has stated that talent is inborn but concentration is something learned, and that he wants to gain the skill, concentration and the discipline in order to succeed.

Brenes was originally from San Jose, Costa Rica and he was born in 1951. He finished an Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Costa Rica. He said that at the age of seven, he learned how to play poker from his father who used to be a social player. His dad rather plays poker for fun than for money, and sometimes would give back the money he won to the people he played with. This really bothered him and he even thought it was unfair. He felt bad for his dad and felt he's being taken advantage of by his opponents.

Brenes' first professional gambling games include baccarat and craps. He played these games in tournaments before venturing to poker. He has played in the Bahamas when a friend of his suggested that he should try playing poker for a change. In 1974, he began playing poker and eventually became a poker tournament contender in 1988. His strongest poker game is the No-limit Hold'em.

Humberto Brenes may not speak perfect English, but he knows poker lingo very well. It's all that matters to him. Brenes and his family reside in Costa Rica but he maintains a home in Miami Lakes, Florida. He owns several businesses such as the Univision TV channel in Costa Rica, a construction company and a few restaurants.