Back game Strategies in Backgammon

Backgammon is considered a race. You have two alternatives: win the race by moving forward, or forget about it, build a prime, wait for a chance and then hit. If you choose the latter, then you're playing the back game, based on some earlier backgammon techniques.

In modern theory, the back game is utilized in a limited sense. The significant quality of a back game is that its defensive pattern consists of more than two anchors. The game strategy of the back game is to keep both points as long as possible, force the other player to clear his pieces in an awkward manner, make a late shot and limit the blot behind a prime.

Commonly, the anchors of the back game are deep and compact. Limiting them behind prolongs the time when the winning shot arrives and gives more time to establish a prime to limit the pieces you hit. If the structure of the defense of both anchors are widely apart or are both superior, they cannot be treated as a back game. But, in reality, such patterns commonly do not favor similar plans as the deep anchor back game. If the two anchors are both superior, one anchor is lost and the game continues as a holding game.

Is a quasi-back game possible? This involves the 1-5 game and commonly there's no logical likelihood of maintaining both points until the other player leaves a chance. While it may be possible, the plan is not as intimidating as a deep anchor back game.

Eventually, you are confronted with the decision of keeping the 5 point, surrendering the ace point and lose the race; or surrendering the 5 point, establishing a prime on the ace point and get gammoned.

If the pattern of the defense consists of more than three anchors, it's obviously a back game. Usually, such patterns create a great winning possibility. Nonetheless, if you get a shot prior to getting ready, you could lose by gammon or backgammon.

Can a back game be huge? Can you have several points back? Players have been warned not to allow a back game competitor retrieve several pieces. But, it would not be successful to concentrate on the number of good or bad pieces. Rather, focus on the whole board. Whether several or lesser pieces behind is good or bad depends on there location, and the critical moment of getting your prime ready to hit at the right moment.

The back game is one of the many strategies in backgammon that can give the players a chance to win.