Gambling and Gender Differences

Gambling is approached in different strokes by different folks, in this case, by gender differences. If men looked gambling as a sport like football, women took it like a social activity like a party. Using these two different viewpoints in mind, we can now draw a line that separate men gamblers from women.

Men Gamblers

  • Because it is looked at as a sport, men can be more preoccupied with gambling than women so they are more likely to gamble frequently.
  • Men begin gambling before twenties.
  • Men are more eager to gamble than women.
  • Men, by nature, are more aggressive than women so they are risk takers and therefore place larger bets than women.
  • Similar to a sport, men tend to be more competitive and are more eager to win while gambling.
  • Particularly fascinated with games that involves a lot of analysis like Poker and Blackjack.

Women Gamblers

  • Because gambling is a social activity, for women it should only be an occasional leisure. For this reason, women are less likely to gamble.
  • By average, women participate in gambling when they're in their twenties or up.
  • They gamble less frequently.
  • Because gambling is not a competitive activity, women are less competitive and only play to have fun.
  • Rarely do women place large bets in gambling.
  • The social aspect of gambling is what appeals women to become gamblers in the first place, which is why many women participate in Bingo Games.

A delineating line between men and women gamblers is the "risk-taking" behavior. Men are more risk takers than women, which also explain why there are more men filing for bankruptcies than do women. Moreover, by being risk takers more men are involved in gambling tournaments than women.

Most of the time women approach gambling only when they are personally independent and are financially capable. A casino to women isn't an objective experience, it is subjective. They are very keen to the environment and the effects it brings to them emotionally, whereas men see it as an arena of winning or losing money. Ironically, money is the last thing women think about when they come in a casino.

Furthermore, the question of why women gamble if it's not for money has three answers. First, gambling is a means of escape to them, which makes them more than likely to play in a care-free mode. Secondly, gambling provides a great deal of enjoyment to women - that makes slot machines a hit. Third is that women gamble to get a stab at luck. But, again, money is the last thing in their mind. Being lucky is just a stimulation of their emotions and an escape to their usual subjective experiences.