Don't Be a Victim of Bad Beats

One of the unavoidable circumstances of a poker player's life are the bad beats. Almost every poker player has a story or two to tell about experiencing a bad beat. Your goal as a poker player is to play through the bad beats and use strategy to overcome them.

There are basically two kinds of bad beats. The first kind of bad beat is the one where you think that you have a monster hand but you lose to an even bigger hand. An example is when you have pocket aces, the flop goes A-6-6 and you have a full house. Your opponent then goes all-in and you respond by calling. You think that you have the best hand but your opponent got a four-of-a-kind through pocket sixes, and you lose.

The second kind of bad beat is when you have a better hand than your opponent but the latter gets lucky and outdraws you. An example is when you have pocket aces, you go all-in, your opponent calls with his pocket threes and the flop goes 2-4-5 with a turn card of 6. Your opponent gets a straight and you lose the hand.

That kind of bad beat is one that really gets your goat - the bad beat that you will remember unpleasantly for the rest of your playing career. This bad beat can be attributed to pure bad luck, and what really turns you off is the fact that you have a better hand until bad luck turns things the other way around.

There's not much that you can really do about these bad beats. If you're an excellent player, you will be able to play despite the bad beats. The key is that you don't allow bad beats to destroy your mood and concentration.

Bad beats are more likely to happen in online poker games than in offline or land-based games. This could usually be due to the fact that more hands per hour are played in online poker than in regular games. Another theory about the occurrence of bad beats is the attitude of online players compared to traditional players. Online players have the tendency to become loose-aggressive in their styles of play, thus they are more likely to make wrong decisions and bet aggressively.

Avoiding bad beats is just as simple as playing poker the correct way. If you use the correct poker strategies, you will be able to minimize the incidence of bad beats. You may not be able to eliminate bad beats altogether since even the best players experience bad beats once in a while, but you will be able to overcome them and end up winning in the long run.

A good idea would be to treat online poker the same way as you would play home or casino poker games. This way you will not be complacent in your play and end up becoming a victim of bad beats.