David Benyamine: The French Pro

David Benyamine hails from France and he is the triumphant victor of the 2003 Grand Prix De Paris. The second season of the world poker tour is where Benyamine won and took a total of $ 357,200. His total tournament earnings as of 2005 are over $ 700,000.

Benyamine's World Poker Tour accomplishments is topped by his participation in the 2004 L.A. Poker Classic were he got 6th place and took home $ 132,355. He also made it at the final table and won at the World Poker Tour's Battle of Champions, where the best names in the pro poker industry gathered up to compete with each other. Famous names opposite Benyamine were Hoyt Corkins, Mel Judah, Antonio Esfandiari and Phil Laak.

Though David Benyamine is not a frequent tournament player, many of his colleagues in the pro poker circuit express their admiration and appreciation for his influence. One colleague, Dave Colclough, who is the top-ranking British Omaha player, mentioned during an interview with Cardchat.com that David Benyamine together with Rob Hollink, are Europe's top poker pros. Even Isabelle Mercier of Canada credits him and David Ulliott for lending her a hand in improving her game.

Benyamine is a native of Paris, France. He started playing poker at age twelve but he became a successful billiard player instead. He used to be a tennis celebrity but his back problems constricted him from pursuing his career further. He sought for other sport that would make him successful and he found his calling through poker. He is a persistent player in pursuit of improving and outdoing himself. He is also reputed as a Parisian Playboy. Benyamine had also been a victim of other controversies.

One article at No-treason.com mentioned that Benyamine's participation in the 2004 Bellagio World Series of Poker tournament got him arrested upon arriving in the United States. The controversy rooted from a name mix-up with a suspected terrorist. Another speculation was that he was entering the United States with a huge amount of cash. Benyamine was deported and his $ 25,000 intended for the tournament was confiscated. As a consequence, Benyamine was banned from entering the United States for one year. He was able to return to the US in 2005 in order to participate at the fourth season of the World Poker Tour.

Nowadays, Benyamine enjoys playing at high-stakes cash games. He currently resides in the South of France with his baby girl.