Blackjack Strategies to Increase Winning Odds

The secret of achieving blackjack success is not hidden in mystery. As a matter of fact, a lot of players try their luck in using these strategies to be able to increase their chances of prevailing over a hand. But there is always a tendency for casinos to downplay majority of these techniques. Depending on the technique you select to employ, you should always be responsible for the results of your moves.

Counting cards remains as one of the blackjack secrets that is utilized to boost the odds of becoming successful in blackjack. Though it is not really a secret of the game, card counting is still implemented quite cautiously, as majority of the casinos have the tendency to ignore the practice. While the dealer may not be able to catch you resorting to counting cards, you may not be able to slip past the surveillance cameras and you may be requested to vacate the casino.

While some players are permanently restricted, being asked to vacate while playing can indeed dampen your spirits. Nevertheless, counting cards is still one of the favorite techniques in winning a blackjack hand. Card counters monitor the pile of cards dealt during a game of blackjack. Today, a lot of casinos use several decks and automatic shuffling devices to counter this technique. A few of the likewise burn, that is, dispose of the top card after the pile has been cut as a countermeasure for players resorting to this strategy.

Shuffle tracking is another method that players utilize to boost their odds of getting a winning hand. This method is perhaps more complicated than counting card because it entails a lot of concentration and alertness. In this method, a player will intensely observe the position of particular cards while the dealer is shuffling the deck. The moment the player has singled out the location of the profitable cards, he will exert all effort to make an impact on the result of the game during the process of cutting the cards. The player cutting the card uses a marker card to keep the important cards playable and then cut the unwanted cards.

This method of monitoring the shuffle can be a challenging job to accomplish, because the player is required to be a keen observer with a watchful eye to be able to successfully cut the pile of cards at the appropriate positions. Like in counting cards, casinos are likewise implementing measures and countermeasures in order to make it tougher for players to monitor the shuffle by employing several decks and automatic shufflers.

Card counting and shuffle tracking are difficult methods to learn. However, if you can be a master of the two without being caught then rest assured you will become a big winner in the game of blackjack.