Big Poker Tournaments

They say that poker is a game for the rich. It's either you win big, or you lose big. If you consider yourself a poker superstar, I guess you've tried almost all of the poker tournaments around. Actually, there are several types and levels of professional and non-professional poker tournaments.

The two basic types are called freeze out and re-buy. In freeze out, if you're out of poker chips, its game over for you. All the players start with the same number of chips, with the same amounts. With this style, games usually finish early. In re-buy, games are divided into levels where players can buy and re-buy chips.

Different games have different rules and conditions when it comes to buying. Some tournaments limit the chips you can re-buy at one time. Some limit the times you can re-buy. This is a good time for the player to accumulate as much chips as he can before the time to re-buy is over.

Tournaments are also classified on the number of levels and the length of time it is conducted. It also depends on the size of the casino. The not-so-popular and extravagant casinos tend to make short tournaments; like, they only have five rounds with twenty minutes each. The big-time casinos conduct tournaments that could last for days. A round usually lasts for 4 to 6 hours, and then goes the semi-finals and the finals. The usual poker style used is No Limit Hold'em, but as mentioned previously, games can vary in different casinos.

There are tournaments where players initially compete for a seat in a bigger tournament. They call it satellite games, probably because you can play online. There are also tournaments where you don't have to battle for a seat but for real cash. There are tournaments where the entrance fee is half the jackpot, but there are also entrance fees for as low as a dollar.

Entrance fees are for the casino's fund. With other games that require huge entrance fees, there are instances that you do not only win your opponent's cash, but also a percentage of the casino's fund. If you don't want to go out of your house, there are online casinos that may or may not involve cash. This means, you can play for fun or for real.

Normally, you can win for as low as $10000 to one million. On the other hand, you can also lose that big. Tournaments are thrilling; it could give you the experience you wanted, positively or negatively. Bottom line is, if you want to enter a tournament, learn the contest rules first.